1. F

    Visiting California

    Hi, I will be visiting California in April, might as well check if there is any possibility to ride some dh trails. Coming from Sweden I dont know any places to ride in California so I would appreciate some help finding dh spots/bike parks open for rental and lift accessible trials in...
  2. MetalMayhem

    Marin Area places to ride & rent a bike?

    I'll be visiting relatives in Marin (kinda close to san Jose/ san Francisco area I think) and really want to get a lot of riding in while I'm there because I've heard there's a lot out there (??) But I won't be able to bring a bike with me, so I will need to rent one. I ride downhill, slalom...
  3. PatBranch

    Golden State

    Over the past two months, I've been working on a slideshow on mountain biking in California, the riders and the riding. I've been shooting at events for it and doing photo shoots just for it. I finally have the teaser done. Keep in mind, the teaser is really basic compared to how the completed...
  4. T

    San Diego Photoshoot

    Looking for a few REAL mtn bikers for a photography project I'm working on. I’m shooting a combination of action shots and portraits. The goal is to juxtapose the excitement of the activity/environment with the personal emotion. Examples Would love to shoot as soon as possible and...
  5. PatBranch

    2008 California gravity race calendar

    http://mediabypb.com/08calendar/ If it needs new events, updates or errors fixed, please let me know.
  6. PatBranch

    2008 California gravity race calendar

    http://mediabypb.com/08calendar/ If there's any errors, new events, or updates it needs, please let me know.