1. Heidi


    Sold the house, quitting our jobs, hitting the road. Stay tuned for adventures. http://www.beerbikesandcampfires.com/ Instagram: Bikeheidi
  2. M

    Bike Packing Trails

    Hey, I'm in Northern California and I'm looking for some good places to do some bike packing. I'm looking at probably 1-3 night trips. Anyone have any cool spots?
  3. Zagreus

    Though-Biking the Colorado Trail

    Greetings Monkeys, I will be through-biking the Colorado trail, from Denver to Durgano this summer. As this is one of my first long-distance, solo camping adventures with my bike, I have a lot of questions that maybe you can help me with. First and foremost, has anyone here through-biked...
  4. MikeD

    Campstove fuel--where to carry?

    Just got my first non-canister-fueled campstove, an MSR Dragonfly. (Gasoline or diesel may be my only source of fuel overseas, so I wanted a stove that didn't rely on a gas mix/disposable canister.) It runs fine on unleaded...however, since you can smell the gas and the fuel bottle isn't some...