1. A

    VIDEO + I don't like those thunderstorms!

    Yo guys!! Whats up with these endless thunderstorms here in NH last days and weeks?? We rarely have that stuff back in Iceland where I live.. so weird. I just made an edit. Filmed in NH, MA and Canada https://vimeo.com/43623621 Cheers guys Anton
  2. guiepinto

    Crossing the Border with Bikes

    Hi monkeys I'm from Brazil and will buy a bike in the US. Could there be any issue with Canadian Customs crossing the border to Canada with a brand new bike? Thanks...
  3. KHS Bicycles

    2009 KHS Velvet on sale for $1,549!

    Hey everyone! We at KHS Canada just wanted to let you know we've got a great deal on our 2009 Velvet Bikes. Currently they are on sale for $1,549 at Canadian dealers, down from the regular of $2,600! Just head on out to your local dealer and give it a ride! Ontario -...
  4. PatBranch

    Crankworx, the other thread

    Here's some photos from the Garbanzo DH yesterday. I've been trying to upload photos for the last 4+ hours, but the laptop i'm using is having issues... Dan Atherton The Chopper.........I thought downhill domination came to life! :D