cane creek

  1. ocelot

    For Sale 2014 Turner DHR medium, complete bike

    2300 USD obo 2014 Turner DHR medium very well maintained and in excellent condition. Warranty is still valid until mid-July 2016. Nothing needs to be fixed, it is ready to go as is. Plenty of extras included!!! There are a few small scratches here and there, but everything is purely...
  2. U

    CCDB Spring Rate for V10

    Hey guys, I'm looking for advice on spring rate for a double barrel coil on a large 2016 V10. Anyone have experience with this? I'm 150 pounds with gear. Thanks for your help + happy trails, Sam
  3. Ridge_Rider

    For Sale Cane Creek Angleset

    Cane Creek Angleset – fits 1.5 headtubes for forks with 1.125-1.5 tapered steer tubes. It allows + or - 1.0 and 1.5 degrees of adjustment using 2 different top cups and a single stationary bottom cup. I used it for about 3 months, the bearings are in excellent (and I'm including 2 new bottom...
  4. schwinnstr8

    Cane Creek DB AIR Oil leak???

    Has anyone else experience a small oil leak like this? I contacted Cane Creek...they told me that it should be okay and it should go away (kind of a breaking-in and the extra oil will seep out).:confused:
  5. Transcend

    Cane Creek Headset questions

    So I have a Nomad carbon frame (1.5" headtube) sitting here with a Cane Creek XXC II headset. It has the 1 1/8 conversion top cup and a 1.5" lower cup for use with a tapered steer tube for a fox 180 Talas. The 2011 fox stuff is backordered right now, so I'd like to use my older 36 talas on it...
  6. RSutton1223

    A look inside Cane Creek...

    I had the chance to take the 5 dollar tour at Cane Creek over the weekend during my vacation to Pisgah Forest, NC. Malcolm showed me around the CCDB assembly and QC process. Pretty cool stuff! I got also got to photograph (first time anyone has) the new Ohlins shocks that CC is now building...