canfield bros

  1. Z

    For Sale 2011 Canfield One L

    As the name suggests this is Canfield's do it all "one" bike. Great peddler and incredible on the downhills. Frame is in great condition, no dents, no cracks, etc. some normal wear and tear. I don't ride particularly hard so it hasn't been taken off big drops/jumps and it has never been raced...
  2. Killingtonvt

    2013 Canfield Brothers Jedis Have Arrived!

    Our new Jedis have just landed. The 2013’s feature a sleek new cnc’d upper link, which allowed us to anodize the links and give the Jedi’s a fresh new look. 2013 frames colors are Ano Black with polished graphics and Ano Silver. The new anodized link options are Black, Silver, Red and Blue...