1. Nick

    For Sale SRAM PG-990 9-speed cassette, 11-34, Brand New - $50

    Brand New, never used, SRAM PG990 9-speed cassette. 11-34t. Compatible with SRAM and Shimano chains and drivetrains. 305g Alloy carrier Aluminum lockring Steel cogs MSRP: $110. Buy this brand new spare for $50! PM me with any question or offers. Thanks!
  2. D

    cassette spacers question.

    So I was given this balfa minuteman that has a problem, the chain rubs onto the frame on the smallest and second smallest cog, so right now it has a 9 speed, so I was wondering if putting a spacer on the outside of a 7 speed cassette would work to aliviate the problem? If not, what else there's...
  3. Grisha

    Sram 10sp chain + derailleur with Shimano cassette!?

    Hey guys, I plan on running a 10 speed Sram chain and derailleur but a Shimano cassette (because I get one way cheaper). Could that have any negative impact on the performance? Thanks, Greg
  4. MTBXRacing

    Cassette Assembly Question

    I have a SRAM PG 070 11-26 cassette that I took off a old hub to use on a new hub. In removing it the gear rings became misaligned. My question is when putting them back on the new hub they should only go on one way? I have them in the right size order but I was wondering about the way they are...
  5. MTBXRacing

    Rear Wheel Help

    I Have a Haro .357 that I removed the floating brake arm because of noise and have the correct drop outs in place. I noticed now I have about 1/2" of play on the axle that the rear hub/cassette can slid about between the swing arm. The floating brake arm mount had a bearing assembly that took up...
  6. M

    Can't remove cassette because tool wont fit!

    Hey, I'm trying to remove my sram PG970 9 speed cassette but the cassette tool wont fit in because of a grub screw on the DMR hubs, has anyone had this before or got any genius ideas about what to do??
  7. chance199

    need a new cassette!

    Suggestions for a new 9 speed cassette for DH? my wheels are Tr. Revolution 32's if that helps.