1. troy

    Fox 34 GRIP valving: E-bike vs Regular vs Pike Select? 150+ 27.5

    Hey guys, I'm building an enderpo bike. I'm looking for a 160mm travel fork. Found a new (2019), dirt cheap Fox 34 with GRIP damper and 140mm travel. It is an E-bike version tho, with thicker stanchions and so on. Much heavier than the regular one (2100g~). From what I have seen on Fox...
  2. tmx

    Wonder Woman

    Tammy's husband never got over his boyhood crush so he married the next generation's version of the superheroine. http://www.vitalmtb.com/photos/features/Tammy-Donahughs-Wonder-Woman-Superco,1483/Slideshow,9882/sspomer,2