1. DownHell Racer

    For Sale Sunday

    I Don't want to sell my bike but tough times call for things you don't want to do. For sale is my Ironhorse Sunday Factory (the factory frame is hand welded and much lighter than any other Sunday frame) there are custom parts on my bike which make it one of a kind and there are very few things...
  2. Hesh To Steel

    2009 Bell Drop, $59.99 at nashbar.com

    Just wanted to give the RM DHers a heads up on this deal. I know most of you probably don't check nashbar.com since they barely carry anything DH-specific but this deal seemed pretty good. They're doing a closeout on a bunch of their Giro/Bell stuff so there might be some other things of...
  3. yesimaddicted

    Looking for a small SS bike

    Im at U of O and i need a mountain bike. plain and simple. i will not lock my nomad outside in the racks and currently dont have room for it in the room. anyone in the area have an small cheap SS that they want to get rid of? something that can be stored outside if it has to be. not to many...