1. Electric_City

    For Sale Avid Code disc brakes ('07) F/R

    These are 2007 Code's that came off my Sunday. They have the tool free reach adjust on the lever. Neither of the levers have ever been bent. The levers were rebuilt at the Windham World Cup in 2013 or '14 at the Sram/avid /RS tent (one of those years the WC wasn't @ Windham). The hoses were...
  2. MTBXRacing

    Floating Brake Arm Vibration

    I have a Haro 357 that has been completely custom rebuilt. I noticed yesterday on taking the bike had for it's second DH run at Diablo there is a vibration that seems to be coming from the floating brake arm when the rear brake was brake applied hard with a loud noise like a horn. I'm running...
  3. DTLogic

    07 Code problems

    It seems that after about two days of riding my rear brakes are soft. I rebleed them, two rides later, soft again. This went on for most of last season. :rant: Also, everytime I bleed them the fluid is foggy black. I don't think I 'm burning the fluid because I ride my wife's bike, same trails...
  4. aj-monkey

    Alignment Issues on Avid Codes

    Hey guys. Hopefully someone can help me with an issue. About 6 month ago I vbled my Codes. The front is sweet as however the rear one is moving the rotor while braking, resulting in a howl and not as much power as they once had! The caliper body itself cannot be moved anymore to aid in...