1. TreeSaw

    Tuesday 8/3 GMT

    Morning primates! Wake the hell up people!!! Good LUNA Ride last night. Two fast loops with a fun group followed by a HopBack in the Hot tub! Heading to VT today to ride Pine Hill Park with a friend (she's going to pick-up her new-to-her car) and have lunch at Long Trail Brewing Company...
  2. TreeSaw

    ~~~tgif gmt 6/14~~~

    <crickets peeping> Good morning monkeys! Where is everyone this fine day? Long day for me today as my kids have a solo festival afterschool and then I am hoping to get a ride in too. Can't wait to see my brother...he was playing with a slingshot last night and it broke, smashed him in the...
  3. Pesqueeb

    The best cup of coffee you'll ever have.

    So I was talked into one of these by the guy who runs my local Indy Coffee shop for my at home brew. I must admit I was skeptical, but it really is the most amazing coffee maker ever. It looks like a giant syringe, (irony?) and its made by the same company that made those ring Frisbee's that...
  4. TreeSaw

    ~~~ No GMT Today 4/23 ~~~

    Woah! It's after 11am and there's no GMT yet? What do we pay you guys for anyway ;) Had a nice 28.5 mile road ride last night. It was cold and almost dark when I finished, but it was fun. Supposed to rain today so I'll do some indoor work tonight. I am bummed that my Mavic order hasn't...
  5. TreeSaw

    ~~~ HAPPY EARTH DAY aka GMT 4/22/03 ~~~

    Happy Earth Day Monkeys! Last night was pretty quiet around my house. Sq-Earl bailed on his ride due to the rain that didn't end yesterday. Tonight I am supposed to co-lead a road ride with one of my team mates so hopefully I get home in time to actually work on my road bike before I go...
  6. MikeD

    Starbucks closing stores!?

    Hopefully they start with the ones right across the ****ing street from one another... (How many times have you seen that? My office in San Fran had like 4 within 2 blocks...) Tragic, though. How many cross-Starbucks romances (a la "Best in Show") will be denied because one yuppie couldn't...