1. dexter

    For Sale Push/ Hyperco springs

    For sale are two separate push/ hyperco springs. Sizes: 1- 475 200 4/19 2- 459 200 Each has around 100 miles on them. Price includes shipping.
  2. JustApply

    Rockshox Vivid R2C Coil makes weird noise

    I just got a brand new YT Tues Base today but noticed that my Rockshox Vivid R2C makes some sort of bottoming out / top out noise. Is that normal or is it broken? I am really worrying about this. By the way it's extremely loud
  3. rockofullr

    Santa Cruz Hightower LT Not Recomended for Coil Shock?????

    A friend of mine is getting his 2017 SC Hightower warranty replaced with a 2018 Hightower LT and he's looking for a shock to go with the new frame. I've always told anyone with a VPP (unridabru) bike to get a coil since it helps deal with the goofy curve but...... SC says this bike isn't...
  4. ZHendo

    2013 Glory shock help

    I'm currently riding a 2013 Giant Glory 0 that I picked up used a few months back. The fork is now a Dorado Expert (pure awesomeness) and the rear shock is a 2013 Rockshox Vivid Air. The Vivid Air feels awesome, but I have concerns about service intervals. The whole issue of having to dissect...
  5. T

    Help with fork

    Hello. Recently when i was in the process of making my gt moto a singlespeed, i had some down time and started to fool around with my marzocchi drop off comps. Knowing nothing about my fork, i took off the duster caps and pressed in the valve, resulting in a large loss of air. The forks are not...
  6. Roo

    Help Switching From Dhx Air To Coil

    I have an 07 Specialized Sworks Enduro with a DHX 5.0 Air. I want to switch to a DHX coil or something similar but when I checked the Fox website I can't find a coil shock the same as my air shock[8.75 x 2.5]. I am concerned about what will be affected if I don't get a shock the exact right...