1. davidfitzsimons

    Product Design - Neck braces. Help with my final college project

    Hi lads, Currently doing research for my final year project in university. I'm doing Product Design here in Ireland. The project is based on neck braces and upper body protection for downhill and I would really appreciate if you could fill out this quick (2 minute) survey. Link to survey...
  2. max.broman

    DH + College

    Alright, I'm gonna need to start looking at colleges soon. Where are some good places for college that aren't too far from a lift serviced mountain with good DH riding. I prefer west coast area, but anywhere works. Do I just need to stay here in CO? Or somewhere else. Any suggestions, tell em.
  3. yesimaddicted

    Eugene or missoula for biking

    Which is better for riding? :thumb: P.S. this is my college choices at the moment
  4. chance199

    Owning a bike shop?

    i wasnt sure where to post, so i always thought about it, ill be going to college in a couple years, i thinking about getting degrees in engineering and maybe like what is it, business & marketing or whatnot. is there like a specific degree i would need?
  5. V

    Night Shift

    Hey all, Next Saturday, April 18th, Red Bull will be hosting a downhill event called NIGHT SHIFT at Windrock Park. Riders will be faced with the challenge of racing down the mountain in the dead of night, battling to get the best times Registration begins at 10am. Everyone can ride...