1. chance199

    Colonnade Demo Day

    was pretty awesome! got to meet Metzger, what a character. i was the first person there, i got there before transition did. two guys from Evergreen mtb alliance were there before i was. one of them let me test his Blindside. It had just gotten out of the shop, That bike was Beautiful!! rode...
  2. chance199

    why dont we have Colonnade Pic thread?

    just wondering
  3. chance199

    new video

    riding in port orchard and at Colonnade. im still a beginner haha tell me what i could im prove on (: yeah the picture at the end is only there so you could hear the whole song haha
  4. chance199

    Colonnade Thursday

    yup. hope to see you there(:

    Colonnade Phase II/Advanced Area Closed this weekend (6/28 & 6/29)

    Please note that the Phase II/Advanced area at Colonnade will be closed to riding this weekend (Saturday 6/28 & Sunday 6/29) as we will be ripping around with a Bobcat working on numerous projects. We could use the help if you'd like to come out and lend a hand and the lower Tqalu and...
  6. Skookum

    What i've been up to

    Hello. i've been involved with Colonnade Mountain Bike Skills Park in Seattle for a long time. i was asked by the Project Manager to take ownership of the Novice Trail (which we are currently calling The Learning Trail). When we built what's now known as Limestone Loop (the first phase of...