commencal supreme dh

  1. C

    Help! CCDB from Demo 2012 to Commencal V3

    Do you think is possible to install a CaneCreek Double Barrel (dismounted from a Demo 8 2012 frame) on a Commençal Supreme V3 2012? I've read that 2012 Demo's CCDB is different from standard one... In what? Both frames have the same shock travel and I know that my V3 uses 22.1x10mm spacers...
  2. spornographer

    video bike check with gee atherton - 09 supreme dh

    check it here: http://www.littermag.com/2009/exclusive-video-gee-atherton-2009-commencal-supreme-dh-bike-check/ can you embed vimeo here? if someone knows how, do it....
  3. Transcend

    Commencal Supreme DH Test Ride

    The 2009 Commencal Supreme DH is a bike you can grab out of the bike and go win a World Cup on, immediately. If you've got the skills to pay the bills, this bike will not let you down. The team replica version of the bike is specced with nothing but the absolute best and begs to be pointed...