1. V

    6-7" bike conundrum - Commencal Supreme FR, others?

    Hey all, first post here, but have been lurking for quite some time. Been drooling over DH bikes for a long time, but never had the bones to buy one, until now. I am, though, moving to a place where lifts aren´t an option, and I have no idea if there´re any DH/FR crews around (wrt...
  2. dustyyoungblood

    DH photographer, and the new KORE Durox bars

    I haven't been riding much, so i was all fired up when I had some new bars to test out this weekend. These new KORE DUROX are pretty sick. I have to admit, the Red color is super bling, but isn't red faster? They seem to pair with my 2008 Commecal 666 perfectly. Nice and wide at 29", and just...
  3. owentking

    Diamondback Scapegoat/Mission vs. Commencal Meta

    So here are my questions.:confused: Whats the difference between the Diamondback Scapegoat/Mission and the Commencal Meta? As far as my observations go the linkage system on both look exactly the same as far as the shock mounting, save TT vs. ST mount. And the DB has another pivot point...
  4. E

    Anyone got a Commencal Maxmax 24? Could you post a pic of yours & give me some advice

    I've been toying with buying a Commencal Maxmax 24 for street riding mainly but for Dj'ing now n then. I also went for the 24 because I'm only 5' 6" so I'm small & I'm not gonna grow any taller LOL. But after looking at some stores online I noticed that htey classed the 24 as a 'kids bike'...
  5. J

    Atomlab General Issue Vs Commencal Vs Nothing

    Hi, I’m very new to Dirt Jumping and I’m looking at getting my very first DJ bike. I’ve been looking at the Atomlab General Issue, but have a few questions about it as I have no idea what I’m getting into. 1.Can Atomlab General Issue run 9 speed? 2.Is the BB area threaded? Can I fit an SLX...
  6. D

    Finally Built!

    Finally finished building my 09 supreme dh, im so psyched, just in time for whistler my 3 week whistler trip starting next week. some parts to mention: CCDB with 300 spring Chromag OSX Chrome 30" bars twenty6 Stem Chromag Lynx Ti saddle 2010 boxxer team formula oro bianco brakes with 200mm...