1. G

    Help us build the ultimate commute backpack!

    Hi, I am a co-founder at Lumos (Bangalore-based startup) and we need your help in building the ultimate commute backpack. We are currently working on the Lumos Ninja and the Lumos Nox. ! In both the Ninja and Nox, we have in-built EL-lighting that will help light up the cyclists and make him/her...
  2. W

    Commute Thoughts

    Hey, Trying to figure out whether or not this CAR commute makes sense and thought I'd solicit and help and thoughts of some monkeys: South San Jose (near the south 85/101 junction) to Oakland (probably drive to Fremont, then BART it in, guessing 1.5 hours each way). I used to do...
  3. sanjuro

    Think you have a tough commute?

    Swedish man wins bike for 'most ridiculous commute' Fri Jul 4, 10:14 AM ET A man deemed to have the shortest and "most ridiculous commute" in Malmoe has won a bicycle as part of a campaign to reduce car traffic in the southern Swedish city , an organiser said Friday. "A man called Lasse...