1. T

    Auto-illuminating bike light. Designed in Norcal!

    Hey All, hope you are having a great Wednesday. My name is John, I live in Northern California (Arcata) and am an avid cyclist (mountain, road, urban). I wanted to share my kickstarter project with you all, its a light with an accelerometer and a smart algorithm to automatically adjust light...
  2. TN

    Open letter of gratitude to the prick that blocked my driveway this morning

    Dear prick that blocked my driveway this morning, Thank you. If you did not block my driveway this morning I would have never hopped on my bike to ride to work. The threat of thunderstorms only made me peddle harder & faster.Those 13 miles felt great. I needed that. Thanks. I am...
  3. r464

    How far would you commute?

    I am looking at a job that potentially pay double what I am currently making. Of course, there is a commute involved. So, how far would you go, or how much annoying travel would you endure, for a job that would pay twice what you are currently making?
  4. Toshi

    the alternative personal transportation thread

    what with gas prices and this being a biking site, bikes being in and of themselves a form of alternative personal transportation, i thought the lounge could use a semi-perennial thread on the same. what this thread is for: discussion and information of ways to get around town or the country...