1. guiepinto

    V10c or Demo 8 II (alum)

    Hey guys! My last 4 DH bikes were Demo 8's. I really feel good with them. But I may want to try a V10c because: 1. It comes with a Fox 40 2. Am looking for a more comfortable ride How would rank and compare Demo's against V10's. I know both bikes are top notch ones, but how would you...

    Which armor is better? Fit? Comfort? Hold?

    Which is better? Oneal Rocker knee pads? or the sixsixone's race? Which one holds onto your knees better? Are both velcro? And won't move on your legs. Same for the elbow guards. It's hard to tell if they are velcro or not as the pictures online are very dark black...
  3. S

    CCDB notes

    Since a few of you have been keen to hear my thoughts on the CCDB as compared to the BOS, here we go... Installed the CCDB a couple of weeks ago, have a few good rides under it now, fairly happy with the setup. Specs and setup are included so any other CCDB owners can get some idea of the setup...