1. PatBranch

    Monitors For Editing

    I currently have an HP LP2475W which is now discontinued. I was thinking of getting a second one or something new when I'm in Utah for 4 months. What high gamut monitors are people using these days in the $500-$700 range?
  2. MTBXRacing

    HR Monitors for Training?

    Hi all, Is anyone using heart rate monitors for their training or GPS watches? I'd like to hear from riders that are using them in their training or riding. Any pro's or con's to them?
  3. PatBranch


    A while ago, I put together this desktop with a bunch of help from this forum. Thanks!! I had a 2x1 ram setup. I recently added two more of the same ram to have a 4x1 setup (yes, I know XP will only use 3-3.5gb). This is what I have...