conspicuous consumption

  1. Sandwich

    Hey you, wanna buy a smart watch?

    Anybody have one of these things? How do you feel about it? I am a semi-avid watch collector (I have like 9, they are all under $200), but have been intrigued by wearables because they are pretty cool. I think I'm committed to Android at this point and will be for the future. Do you have...
  2. ire

    What cost cutting measures are you taking?

    There have been some articles about measures people are taking to reduce their costs, driving less, buying generic, stopping eating out, etc. and I was wondering what the Monkeys are doing to save money? My wife and I cut our blockbuster subscription in favor of netflix (about half the cost), I...
  3. Toshi

    Toshi's thread

    Rather than take up space on DH/DS, I'm going to set up camp here. Now that I have a digital camera, the pics will be flowing in constantly, and I'll post links to their index pages on my website. Update-the-latest: both my old old domain name (tjclark.ath.cx) and my new old domain name...