1. I

    Best Cyber Monday Deals

    I've found this good one. http://www.circuspop.com Offering a electronics gift card to retailer of your choice 20% off or more. Amazon.com has a cyber monday section w/ some good and not so good stuff as well. What else?
  2. seismic

    I love Oakley, but...

    ...this is a bit expensive I think: http://www.oakley.com/pd/6409/23698 :think::think::think:
  3. mandown

    blackberry tour = meh-zorz

    nonplussed by the performance of this high-dollar gadget. the trackball sux at best. it will sometimes roll left when i scroll right and vice versa, but up and down seem ok. the 3g speed is meh at best, crap takes forever to load. the facebook and myspace apps and mobile sites are glitchy...
  4. stinkyboy

    Time To Upgrade My iPhone!