cool story bro

  1. rideit

    Holy Crap!

    Have titanium bolts gotten cheap. I just wanted two pieces of jewelry for my roadie, (m4x30mm), and they were $3.50 for a pack of TEN. you may now return to covid talk. and no, I don’t know why I posted this in the lounge.
  2. ICEBALL585

    Have you checked your CO detectors lately???

    (A few of you have me as friends on FB so you've already read about my crazy weekend) So my family had a very interesting New Years weekend. My wife called me at work Friday morning stating that the CO detector was going off. I had my wife call the Fire Dept just to make sure nothing was...
  3. Nick

    Fox 36 Seal replacement trick

    This time around I bought the Enduro Seal kit for my 36 Talas fork. Normally wipers can be pushed in by hand; never easy, but they go in. If you have trouble getting them seated with your fingers, the cap from a Gatorade bottle is the perfect size to push the wiper in evenly. Viola!
  4. C

    Awesome freeride stack!

    My buddy did the chute 2 times and then on his third go this happened! In glenrock! Mad Stack 7 - YouTube
  5. DirtyMike

    Son of a Bitch.....

    Parking brake cable snapped on me just as I hooked the boat up....... That was some bull**** right there...... Going to be interesting getting in and out of the water today.

    A few DH photo's.

    Some good shots i saw while on the internet today. Leogang. Slovenia. Austria.
  7. MMike

    Live music rules....

    I went to see live blues for the first time in I don't know how long tonight. BB King's in Orlando. For a sunday night, it was pretty good. Little wing, into Voodoo Chile, into The House is Rockin (SRV)......for me, all the elements for a good show. All on the company dime. Bless you...