1. dexter

    For Sale Race Face SixC cranks 175

    Race Face SIXC Carbon Cranks for AM/Enduro/DH. Condition is Used, but in great shape and worry free- verified by local bike shop. The drive side arm was replaced under warranty a few months back, shop employee misthreaded the pedal and race face replaced the crank arm. Shipped with USPS...
  2. Rapplez

    Difference of 170mm / 175mm cranks.

    I currently run 170mm cranksets on my bikes. DH, girlfriends AM, and my 20". I realize if I jump up to a 175mm the leverage ratio, feel, speed changes per each rotation. But will I feel that extra 5 mm per side? will I feel a drastic change? What else can I expect? lets hear your input? Thanks...
  3. N

    bottom bracket axel problems. . . deity

    got frame, got bb in correct size which is now fitted, but the axel comes out a little extra on the drive side about an inch more than the other side. is this normal ? its a deity euro bb on a jump frame.:think:
  4. Rainbow Grease

    Crankset: 10 speed crank compatible with 9 speed Cassette?::

    HI: I want to upgrade my stock crankset with this SHIMANO 105: http://www.niagaracycle.com/product_info.php?products_id=405844 However it says is only compatible with 10 SPD chain, does this mean I also have to upgrade my 9SPD cassette to a 10 speed? Here is my current config...
  5. P

    Bottom Bracket issues/ E-type derailleur on Transition Covert?

    Transition Covert 68x113 or 68x118 E specs I was using a Truvativ 68/73x118mm ISIS bb in a 1X9 configuration while waiting for a King Earl XC 44/32/22 crankset. Had a Hone E-type fd to use with KE cranks. Got KE and tried it on without Hone to verify chainline to find that the KE caught...
  6. P

    New Crank! Leafcycles Motostick

    - 2-piece - 766-799g (axles 135-146mm, arms 170 and 175mm) - for BMX AND MTB - color black - 19mm axle - 48t more? http://www.leafcycles.eu!
  7. DirtyDog

    Crank Options

    Are there any high end cranks being produced with a polished finish? Is anyone in the US building good cranks anymore? Seems like Everyone and their grandma was making a crank 10 years ago.
  8. colton

    Crank Arm Length

    I am just curious as to how much the length of crank arms effects riding. The reason for me asking is albes has a sale on 180mm wombolts that are usually $180, but are $120 for now. I have been riding 175mm, so would jumping up to 180's be extremely awkward to ride? I am just slightly of 6'...
  9. .Pit Steelers.

    Profile wake, Tree. Splined vs Bolt

    Alright so i finally got around to getting some money and my imperal is bent up pretty good. So soon i'll be getting a new sprocket, im looking at the Profile Wake and a Tree. I know the Tree is good, but how about the Wake? Also whats better spline or drive bolt and why?
  10. Poops McDougal

    Crank Arm Clearance ?

    Alright, so I just picked up a pair of sexy white profile cranks for my Eastern Thunderbird. Before ordering them, I called Eastern and confirmed the proper spindle length - 5 3/4". I measured the old Eastern spindle, which came out to 6" - but I didn't think that was going to be an accurate...
  11. Konabumm

    Help Needed - Picking Cranks for a Cowan DS

    Hey guys - I just bought a 2008 Kona Cowan DS that I'll be using for DS racing w/ Dirt Jumping on the side. I'm planning on running Single Speed - and I'm looking for crank recommendations. Thanks,
  12. S

    Saint cranks creaking

    Brand new cranks. BB cups are tight. Its not the pedals, does it with two different pairs. Chingring and bash guard have been removed, cleaned and put back on with no luck Its only in the drive side pedal that I feel it. What gives? Thanks guys!
  13. M

    Bottom Bracket and Cranks???

    Hey I am finally starting to build up my Norco Trials bike - its a Ryan Leech signature edition. I have a lot of the bits I need,but am kinda stuck trying to decide on the Bottom Bracket and Cranks. My dilemma is around choosing between a Hope external type or an internal splined type...
  14. F

    Mtb to bmx cranks conversion info

    Im quickly tiring of my mtb cranks on my Cowan that I use for dirt jumping( im tiring of my cowan all together). I yanked the cranks off my bmx and Im looking for a good converson bb so I can run them. I know absolutly nothing about traditional three piece bmx cranks. I know that my bmx...
  15. A

    New to 3 piece cranks, a few questions.

    I recently purchased a specialized P.1. The bike came stock with specialized fuse 3pc. cranks and chainwheel. I believe these are also sold under the redline, poverty and mosh brand. The chainwheel, out of the box, had a lot of "wobble" as it spins. this isn't causing my chain to fall off, but...
  16. jonKranked

    self extracting crank arm bolts...

    Ok... so I have an old set of XTR cranks that have Shimano's old self extracting bolts. The system is on an octalink BB. I was wondering if it is possible to replace the self extracting bolts with stand crank arm bolts (and if anyone has done this)? I get an odd creaking from the cranks...
  17. spencer-from-uk

    crank arm

    :imstupid: yo, i got a frame second hand off some geezer that i know. the crank arms are truative, they have allen key (i think americans call it a hex wrench ??) crank bolts holding them on the bottom bracket. but they dont turn round atall, i want to make it tighter coz its just loose...
  18. T

    Deity cranks vs the world...

    I've used Profiles on many of my bikes up until now. I have bent a few pairs, but for the most part they have worked well. I also have used Primo Powerbites on my 20" for ever. So how do the Vedettas measure up? Are there other amazing options (19mm) that I should be considering, or are the...
  19. colton

    Crank Options

    Out of these cranks, which would you prefer to have under your feet? Consider everything from durability, to weight, to style, to warranty, to spindle size, to crank size, to anything else you can think of.
  20. DirtBag

    New cranks

    Put on a pair of MacNeil Conjoined cranks to replace my Shadows. Overall the cranks are the same weight but fit tighter/closer to the BB with a lower profile. Results in less spacers and more spindle/crank interface... Now I can get a 5.75" Ti spindle and drop the 1/4lb I wanted to...