1. X

    cranks pissing you off too?

    Ok what the hell? I've gone through a pair of XTs, 2 pairs of 06 RaceFace Evolve DH, and now my 07 hussefelts are dying on me. ALL WERE SPINDLE-CRANK PROBLEMS. well xt was the BB... Here I am 185 pounds seldom hard DH riding only about 9 trips to Diablo this season and killed my 2nd set of...
  2. SBDownhillRacer

    outboard bearing middleburns???

    its been forever and i still havent seen them. Did the idea just fizzle away?
  3. Bicyclist

    So, Middleburn, where are the outboard cranks?

    I've been itching to get some new lighter cranks to ditch some weight and Middleburns sound like the hot ticket, but I want to run the outboards. I heard they were gonna be released this spring, but there's no sign of em. Anyone know what's going on w/ them, or what the expected weight/cost will...
  4. Brian HCM#1

    Middleburn has their new site up.

    http://www.middleburn.co.uk/ However no info on the outboard bearing cranks:(
  5. dfinn

    I need some help with crank selection

    i need to replace the bb and cranks on my trail bike. it's a 5" bike that gets the most use out of all my bikes. i ride xc on it and some light freeride as well. i never noticed it but OGRipper hopped on my bike at the end of the season and noticed that one of my cranks was bent. i currently...
  6. W

    Middleburn outboard bearing cranks?

    Do any of you monkeys have any info on the new Middleburn Outboard Dh cranks that are supposed to come out soon? like any proto pics you've seen or when they are do to be released? Thanks.
  7. K

    Anyone running fixed rear/freewheel front?

    Wondering if anyone has this setup, or can provide input on the pro's or cons. I dont see much difference between this and a freewheel on the back/chainring on front. Also wondering if running a trials ss is a good idea.
  8. spam16v

    crank/chain(wheel/ring) options

    well reseaching Trials stuff for aquring an Identiti Judge i think. well its a "Euro" BB and he has a set of FSA vdrive ISIS arms to throw in the deal ($35 price point) and a 22t ring. but no BB, no big deal but should i get a BB and when what bash? or should i get a cheap 3pc crank set and euro...