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    For Sale Shimano Saint M810 crank set with 38t E13 chainring

    2014 Shimano Saint M810 crank set for 83mm BB and includes 38t gold E13 guide ring I'm located in Santa Cruz, California
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    Rebuilding/overhauling an old bike

    I have a giant warp ds2 and I love it. It is in need of a crankset and front forks. I figure while I'm at it I might as well rebuild everything. i have some ideas for parts, and my budget is around 500 bucks (spread out over the summer, I'm building a truck too). The first thing I want to get is...
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    e*thirteen DH Cranks are in

    Hey guys, I know a bunch of you might have been waiting for these to come in, and as of afternoon...they are! MSRP is $299 with BB tool, no Chainrings (we do have a lot of options). Give the guys a shout - 707.765.2770 http://e13bythehive.com/news/ethirteen-dh-crank/#more-37 Right now...