1. A-NON-A

    Video and Article with Socal DH Rider that was crushed by boulder

    Its pretty crazy the freak accidents that can occur out on the trail. This happened during the 4th round of the Shimano Winter Series in Socal. Most people outside of socal havent seen this yet. Check out the Video/Article
  2. J

    GoPro footage DJ, trails and wheelies!

    http://www.youtube.com/embed/sm5EP-a5rxQ Here's some footage from my trip to Queenstown, NZ.
  3. B

    Matti Lehikoinen down..

    Matti took a big crash today in his final run at the Scandinavian Championships in Sweden, luckily paramedics were there within minutes and could quickly get him to hospital where he's currently undergoing surgery. It doesn't appear to be anything life threatening, but he's definitely suffered...
  4. chance199

    NWcup round 1 Crashes;

    Anyone have any videos of the crashes? Because i'd love to see if someone caught mine. haha. I ate coming out of the berm then crossing down over the bridge. SO if anyone has a video of a kid in white pants eating it, Please let me know. haha.
  5. sunny

    Officially SoCal: I crashed in cactus

    Most bike rides these days involve pavement and a Burley trailer, but the parents were in town last week, and told me to get out and play. My buddies were riding on Mon, Wed, and Fri that week, and I was really excited to join them. Monday morning I pull out my Spot 29-er and meet the guys at...
  6. moondog

    Whistler A-Line Rock Drop Crash Video

    This video is from a few years back, but I finally got around to posting it on YouTube. I had hit that drop (and others) plenty of times that day with no problem, but once the video camera came out I decided to bigger and paid the price. I still remember seeing a rock and a hole where my front...
  7. aeffertz

    Money Shots from Last Weekend

    Here we go! Awesome start! oh no! ouch. I just broke my arm. :) perfect endo... lol.
  8. Heidi

    Schleck crash

    Dang, check out the video of this crash You have to click on de val van Schleck on the right. I can't believe he didn't get hurt really.