1. v6 4.3

    UCI World Cup Overall Points

    i didnt know Gee was at the top. check this link... http://www.uci.ch/templates/BUILTIN-NOFRAMES/Template3/layout.asp?MenuId=MTUxNjU&LangId=1
  2. elRey

    I need a ride to PA this weekend.

    I don't think anyone checks the ride share thread so I am starting this thread. I live in downtown bellingham and need a ride to the fluidride race this weekend april 3-5 at port angeles. If anyone has room for me and and my bike that would be great. I'll chip in for gas and stuff.
  3. Transcend

    Fort William World Cup

    Rainy and cold in Scotland, who'd a thunk it?
  4. Transcend

    Andorra World Cup

    Just rolled into Andorra. This place is pretty nuts and very Euro. Course inspection today. Gonna be a gongshow in the mud.