1. RyyS

    Ride Your Way 2: Bling - full BMX MTB movie

    That was really intensive season for all of us - many trips, sessions, contests. Unfortunately, for so many times, rain, security or injuries appeared in the most important moments. But after all -- we love what we do so we had a lot of fun. We hope you will feel this and have fun too watching...
  2. RyyS

    Dartmoor at Burn Dirtpark Opening

    Tomas Zejda, Māris Orniņ? and Piotr Krajewski at Burn Dirtpark Official Opening, the first Polish and one of very few European indoor dirtpark, in Warsaw. There's also Tomas' bikecheck and a bit of Māris' street riding at the stairs behind the dirtpark. How do you like that...
  3. RyyS

    Dartmoor at Rebel Jam 2011

    Dawid "Szamanek" Godziek and Rafał "Skejcik" Kierc representing Dartmoor Bikes at Rebel Jam 2011 in Eindhoven, Netherlands
  4. G

    New Bikes on the Block: Dartmoor

    This brand is huge over in Europe with a full line of street mtb parts. Just got my 24in Dartmoor Ghetto built up a few weeks ago - this frame is damn light and super sick. It has one piece hydroformed chainstays which look very trick. It just feels good to be on a frame where i feel just plain...
  5. frango

    New, 2010 Glory freeride build

    Hi Guys, my frame has just arrived. It looks really good :) However, factory, somehow, managed to build S size frame 150g heavier than Nate's and ekipper's M size frames?! I hope no one left a wrench in downtube... Anyway, I started building it yesterday. This is how it's gonna be speced...