1. N

    bottom bracket advice

    i have a brand new jawbone chapter 3 frame with a 68mm bb shell which is threaded at both ends looking to go with deity or gusset parts .stuck on what bottom bracket i need do i get a euro? american fitment??? advice please,
  2. vicious

    Morewood Kalula; build & first impressions

    Frame: 2010 Morewood Kalula, large Shock: CCDB, 250# steel Fork: 2011 Fox 36 Float 180 RC2 Wheelset: 823s laced to Hope Pro II Rubber: Minion DHF/DHR Cranks: Holzfeller Chain Guide: e13 Pedals: DMR V12 MAG Shifters: SRAM Derailleurs: SRAM Brakes: Hope Mono 6 Seatpost: Deity Saddle...