demo 8

  1. aj-monkey

    Demo 8 vs Banshee Legend

    Hey all. I know this kind of thread can be fround upon, but I would really like a little knowledgable input from the community. I am looking at a new dh frame and as you may have guessed from the title, am torn between the Demo 8 and the Banshee Legend. I am currently on an Cove Shocker (with...
  2. guiepinto

    2010 Demo 8 Geometry (not another BB height thread)

    Hey Guys! I’ve been comparing the 2010 Demo 8 geometry against the 2008 one. I found that a 2008 LARGE frame is longer than a 2010 MEDIUM one on the wheel base (KIND OF OBVIOUS), but the 2008 LARGE frame is shorter on the top tube length (SURPRISE FOR ME). Am I reading it...
  3. A

    Demo 8 sizing

    I'm looking to be a Specialized demo 8 but i don't know if a medium would be the right size for me, as I'm new to the sport. I'm 5'10 - 5'11 can any one help, heres there products on the bike if it help at all. - demo 8 frame, black, 17" - boxxer 06 - manitou 4way (demo's where designed...