1. S

    PRO-TEC Design/Function Review

    Hey Guys, I'm doing some research for Vans PRO-TEC line and was hoping to get your impression on the design and quality of their products. 1) Do any of you currently own or use PRO-TEC helmets or Gear? If not what do you currently use or recommend and why? 2) What is your impression of...
  2. TreeSaw

    Design/Art Monkeys

    Help the Mamma Monkey out please....my artist bailed on me and I have to get this finalized ASAP :( I am heading up my school's Tour de Cure team for the American Diabetes Association. We've got pricing and want to order customized jerseys but my artist flaked and isn't going to get me a...
  3. evomo

    Vote for the t-shirt design contest winner

    View each finalists t-shirt design, then vote for whom you think should win using the star rating system bellow the image. 5 Stars is best. Go here to view the finalists and vote... http://evomo.com/blog/2009/03/23/evomo-2009-t-shirt-contest-finalists-voting-is-open/ thanks to all who...
  4. evomo

    Design a T-shirt for Evomo and some cash and shiznit

    http://evomo.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/mainpic_evomo_tshirtcontest09.jpg design a t-shirt for Evomo and you could win some shiznit.. Grand Prize Winner gets over $400 in cash and merch… * $100 CASH * 10 Free shirts of the printed winning design * Winner’s...
  5. dump

    The Making of Artwork for "Afternoon Delighting"

    Last month I worked with a local (San Francisco) musician/producer/independent-music-label to create the album art for an upcoming release. I recorded the process out of curiosity and just for fun. The album came out last week and I put together a video of the creation process - here it is...