detroit dipstick

  1. James


    Anyone else here into collecting sneakers? For me it comes and goes, and I've been on a bit of a tear recently. For me it started with some super-rad bright blue Nike Bruin lowtops back in HS, but lately I've been really into the Dunk and Air Max series. This week I picked up another set of Air...
  2. D

    Some Bastard Stole My Bike At Gunpoint!!!

    SOME BASTARD STOLE MY BIKE AT GUNPOINT!!! On June 4th, in Kanata, some bastard came up to me put a gun to my head and took my bike! This cock-sucker had a Beretta pistol and said he would shoot me if I didn't give him the bike. He also said if I called the cops he would kill me. This was...
  3. bohorec

    Search cloud?

    Is it possible to get rid off the search cloud which suddenly appeared in the top of the screen? And why the hell would anyone search for the dodecahedron on the bike forum?