1. PatBranch

    '08 DHR Axle

    Does anyone have one I can buy? Mine is a little bent...
  2. A

    DHR Shock Choice

    Getting ready to order my new DW-Link DHR and am torn about what shock to get. Even though I'm a fairly light rider I still want to go with a coil. I have heard the X-Fusion feels really nice in this frame but don't have much experience with them, so it's either that, DHX or a CCDB. Anyone have...
  3. PatBranch

    Air Shocks

    I blew up my pushed DHX5 on my 08 DHR on Live Wire at Northstar yesterday and I'm heading up to BC on Thursday... Twice, I was sure I had a flat since I started getting pretty loose in every corner. I then noticed the mess and realized I was riding a pogo stick. The shock came pushed with the...
  4. Ian Collins

    G is for Gold....

    full build pics to follow this weekend...sorry for the "crappy" iphone pic for the time being
  5. PatBranch


    Does anyone in the Southern California area have a small dhr that I could ride around in circles to see the fit and feel?
  6. F

    Turner DHR VS. Ventana El Cuervo

    I am interested to find out what people think of these two bikes VS. eachother and other bikes. I am 5'6" and ride a small VP free which I find to be alittle long, which is the reason I am looking for different frame. Please Help if you can!
  7. ridenorcal

    2008 dhr sizing

    I am about to order a 2008 Turner dhr but am a little unsure about the sizing. At 5'11, I am just outside of Turner's recommended height range for the size medium, however I don't feel like I should be on a large. Any dhr owners out there that are about my size? What sizes are you guys...