diablo freeride park

  1. Downhillbiker23

    My First DH Edit. Turned out Awesome

    http://www.pinkbike.com/video/213440/ Thats the Link to my pinkbike edit. Came out great i think. Shot with gopro 1080. it rained mid day and the case fogged up torwards the middle of the movie. This video Features Diablo freeride park in all its glory
  2. T

    Going to Diablo, What can my family do, when im riding?

    Hello dear monkeys ;) I'm going to NY in a month and it's going to be a "big city/shopping-vacation", so I'm trying to convince my parents and sister to take a "day off" so I can ride in Diablo Freeride Park. The problem is, that they don't wanna ride or watch me do so :weee: . So my...
  3. Bog Dogs

    Diabloween - Is it worth the trip?

    Diablo Freeride Park has put up an ad for this years Halloween event - Diabloween. It's supposed to be full of costumes, contests, music and riding. Did anyone go to last year's event? How was it? Is it worth staying the whole weekend? Bonus question: Are there any affordable hotels nearby?
  4. spRaYcAn14


    Whos going to diablo this week???:thumb:
  5. spRaYcAn14

    DH Bikes

    Does any one have a nice DH dual suspension bike that they are selling. I am tryin to find a cheap one. Thanks.............Or at least know a website with cheap affordable bikes.