1. T

    Going to Diablo, What can my family do, when im riding?

    Hello dear monkeys ;) I'm going to NY in a month and it's going to be a "big city/shopping-vacation", so I'm trying to convince my parents and sister to take a "day off" so I can ride in Diablo Freeride Park. The problem is, that they don't wanna ride or watch me do so :weee: . So my...
  2. B

    "In For the Kill" NEW Diablo Freeride Park video!

    whats up guys: just shot a video at diablo last weekend, with a couple locals. Enjoy, and be sure to watch in Full HD :thumb:
  3. B

    Stolen Jamis Bam II at Diablo

    Hey everyone Some loser stole my Jamis Bam II out of my pit during awards on Sunday at Diablo. It is an 09 Bam II the main frame is black, the chainstay is a tan color because I had to replace it once. It has a ti spring on the DHX 5 and a fox 40 with slightly worn stanchions. The ISCG...
  4. boomshakkalagga

    Freeride/Enduro riders from Jersey City?

    Hey there, are there any downhill/freeride/enduro riders from the Jersey City area regularly heading for Diablo and other nice destinations? Even more far away ones? :weee: (Makes no sense here, but I like this little blue guy!)
  5. R

    More US Open Pics

    Fun day out on the mountain, here are some pics. Plenty more to come - I got a lot of the AM Men on the rockgarden so I'll get them up later. Amazing to see what these fast guys can do on trails we know. You might (should) know these guys: Shameless crop: I'm not a...
  6. Eastern States Cup

    Plattekill Bike Park's 2009 Series Race Schedule

    Plattekill Bike Park's 2009 Series Race Schedule Plattekill Bike Park presents the: 2009 Plattekill USAC NYS State Downhill Championship Series AND 2009 Plattekill USAC NYS State Dual Slalom Championship Series May 2-3 Race #1 DH June 13-14 Race #2 DH&DS...
  7. gfisher270

    Jamis Website

    On the Jamis website i was looking around and i noticed there are pictures and references of George Ryan and Diablo! http://jamisbikes.com/
  8. whale

    NE resort tour 2008 (tons of pics)

    We just got back yesterday on a long trip from Silver Spring, MD up to Bromont, Canada and back hitting up various riding spots and resorts along the way. This trip was much better than a similar trip I made in 2006. The final map of the trip with stops is here. According to the odometer...
  9. Ksquaredracing

    A week of shredding Windham NMBS, Diablo freeride, Mt Snow nationals

    A week of shredding Windham NMBS, Diablo freeride, Mt Snow nationals. In July I have planned a trip to go to the NY Windham NMBS race and then down to Diablo freeride park for 2 days and then up to Mt Snow for the US cycling nationals. My buddy that was going to go with me bailed out so I have...
  10. TreeSaw

    2008 Season Photos

    Admin edit: Please limit the number of photos per post to around 3-4. That will allow the thread to be split up across multiple pages rather than being a several-megabyte single page load. Here's the deal...I personally love seeing ride photos and I am tired of the drama so use this thread...