1. S

    Video Kelly Mcgarry Rides Queenstown During the Wide Open Product launch 2012

    Diamond back DF5 Rider Kelly Mcgarry Rides Queenstowns famous trails. It all took place during the Wide Open Distributors Product Launch. Wide Open: Distributor of quality cyle parts in New Zealand Kelly Mcgarry Rides Queenstown. Wide Open Product Launch 2012 on Vimeo
  2. S

    Recoil or Response?

    I've been riding a Trek Mountain Track for a few years now that I bought used. No suspension at all. I am looking at upgrading and through the place I work I get a pro deal on Diamonback Bikes. I was looking at either the Response Sport or the Recoil. The Response is a hardtail and the recoil...
  3. owentking

    Diamondback Scapegoat/Mission vs. Commencal Meta

    So here are my questions.:confused: Whats the difference between the Diamondback Scapegoat/Mission and the Commencal Meta? As far as my observations go the linkage system on both look exactly the same as far as the shock mounting, save TT vs. ST mount. And the DB has another pivot point...
  4. M


    Hi im considering buying this bike http://www.diamondback.co.uk/bikedetails.aspx?ID=4759 but my local bikeshop is offering it for £150 as its ex display and has a slight scratch which i could easy touch up. Its the same as the spec on that link ive given except it has Suntour XCR forks which...