diesel powered fail

  1. T

    Getting tinting of my POS diesel truck

    I know some of you guys deal with that kind of stuff on the regular, any advice on taking it off? Oh and here's a pic
  2. T

    I'm being seud???

    Along with both my parents. Long story short, 2 years ago I was coming home about midnight from helping my girlfriends little brother with his homework, I'm on my way home. See a cop pulling some dude over, miss a red light and T bone the back end of some ladies SUV. She gets out says she's ok...
  3. stevew

    you can now watch olbermann on......

    current tv. will you be one of the lucky 23,000 to see him?
  4. eric strt6

    theMontashu's new ride

  5. T

    Truck brake pads

    I need new pads and roters, the stock one kind of suck, being that the truck is kind of old and there are drums in back. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with some EBC pads, my question is, are getting vented rotors really worth the money?
  6. T

    More truck stupidity

    Pulled the radiator, fan, innercooler, AC unit, exhaust, batteries, drive shafts, and transition. Gatta disconnect the fuel lines and the rest of the electrical tomorrow. Later this Week my friend is going to come over to pull the engine and take it to his house He has a 1996 4wd rolling chassy...
  7. T

    Text book prices WTF

    I thought they were bad a couple years ago, but the prices have literally doubled. 250$ french book, 180$ econ book, 170$ on my criminal justice book, and 210$ on my English book. I just seriously had to pony up more than 200$ a book. I couldn't buy any used books cause they were either new...
  8. T

    Just found 10 pounds of trouble in the garage

    there is 10 pounds of iron oxide, and 5 pounds of aluminum powder in a box. This is going to end GREAT. How long till my house is on fire???
  9. DirtMcGirk

    Anyone ever supercharge a truck?

    I'm thinking since I am going to keep it until the wheels come off that I want to supercharge my 2005 Toyota Tacoma. Anyone ever done something like this? Toyota TRD makes one, as does Under Dog Racing. The TRD one doesn't kill the warranty either. Does a supercharger over time kill the...
  10. sanjuro

    Ban the Police from having cars

    http://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/death-of-teen-on-bike-shows-risks-of-expanded-use-of-tasers/1112106 Late one night in October, a 17-year-old on a bike was chased by a police officer in a cruiser. When the boy refused to stop, the officer aimed his Taser out the driver's window and...
  11. T

    The new Hendrix

    Went to a show at a small spot in SF a month or so ago. This band animals as leaders opened. They came out with 2 guitarist (playing 8 strings) and a drummer, No vocals no bass player. I was a little confused, and didn't expect much. Boy was I wrong, I was right up front and could not belive how...
  12. T

    So I let my friend tattoo me in my bedroom

    I have 1 more sitting to go. The face got a little distorted cause of how I had to stretch to take the picture. A good friend of mine did all the shading last night, and some one else did the outline (local shop the guy moved) Not bad for 110$.... He also did this Points to any one knows...
  13. eaterofdog

    Who are the most insufferable aholes?

    I'm sure I missed some. Not a bad start though.
  14. X3pilot

    ~~~Tuesday GMT~~~

    Morning! Took a vacation day yesterday, been off the grid for a few days. Good break. Now, back to the world of work.
  15. T

    I officially hate bacon

    Bacon was the one thing I missed about not eating meat, but tonight my dad was next to me on the stove making some while I was making my tofu. Legitimately the smell grossed me out
  16. T

    More diesel questions

    I ended up with a 96 extended cab 2wd 5 speed. I'm using my friends set up to make bio diesel and am good to go on that end. Now I want some more power. I'm planing on a clutch, injectors, turbo, some head gaskets, exhaust temp, boost gauge, and gearing the rear end. Wondering how much power can...