dirt jump

  1. T

    Huntsville, Alabama - Trail Options

    I'm new to the area, guys. Are there any dirt jump trails anywhere around here? I can't find information about anything, but with Monte Sano and the rich dirt, this area should have some epic dirt jumps or pump track. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.
  2. Killingtonvt

    Canfield Brothers Sponsorship Opportunity

    We are releasing our new heat treated cromo DJ frame later this fall and are looking to sponsor a rider to help us with our product launch. Rider must possess the ability to be a brand ambassador and most of all, must RIP on a DJ bike!!! Pros and Ams welcome! Send over your best shots or vids...
  3. S

    Places to ride in the south Jordan Utah area

    Im new to riding BMX regularly and im looking for some great Dirt Jump in the South Jordan area. Ive ridden all the parks but am looking for some dirt to ride? any places??
  4. ImILL

    DJ bike riding DH?

    Can you run a 26er hardtail mtb DJ bike on a mildly elevated mountain, like Diablo bike park or spring mountain in pa?
  5. A-NON-A

    DJ'er and Trail Builder - Transition Rider Skye Schillhammer

    Did a feature last week on Sky Schillhammer, a real cool rider. Not only does he shred but he also builds and is responsible for a lot of the work on Beacon Hill. Check it Out. SKYE SCHILLHAMMER FEATURE
  6. MTBKR415

    bottom bracket for dirt jumping

    Guys my Bottom bracket on my p1 creaks really loud when I pedal hard up hills and stuff. Does This mean I need a new cartridge?? I've never worked on a BB before and could really use some help. Thanks for all the help!
  7. zfraysier

    New Georgia Freeride Course at Blankets Creek

    Here's a video from yesterday's visit: We take what we can get in the suburbs of ATL. Watch my kayaking videos. Creekboating is kinda like DH or Freeride, but more full-on. Zach
  8. zfraysier

    New Georgia Freeride Course

    Here's a video from yesterday's visit: We take what we can get in the suburbs of ATL. Watch my kayaking videos. Creekboating is kinda like DH or Freeride, but more full-on. Zach
  9. 7

    Backyard bike = fun for all

    Visit our backyard bike park. www.714trails.com.
  10. 7

    Santos freeride & dj comp: March 19, 2011

    Santos Fat Tire Festival Freeride & DJ Comp. March 19th, 2011. Santos Vortex Freeride Area. Ocala, FL. For more information and online registration visit www.714trails.com. BY RIDERS FOR RIDERS. Online Registration saves $5 and end March 14th.
  11. 7

    Santos Freeride Comp MARCH 19th, 2011

    For more info and online registration, please visit www.714trails.com.
  12. streble

    Chicago Dirt Jump Event: “Settin’ Down Roots: The Garden Dirt Jam”

    I apologize for coming in here with a promotional post even though I’m not a regular, but I figured there are quite a few of you that would be interested in checking out this event on July 31st in Chicago: We’re gonna have music, food, and other vendors, a huge raffle, demo bikes for...
  13. chance199

    getting into DJ?

    so a local shop in my area can order in Specialized DJ Bikes http://www.specialized.com/us/en/bc/SBCBkModel.jsp?arc=2009&sid=09PBikes thats the one i was looking at. ive ridden some DJ but that was With a kona stinky. i was thinking about getting into it and i was wondering what would be...
  14. S

    Help building a custom DJ bike:P

    I need helping with building a dj bike money is not an issue im already looking at wheels and forks for the bike which are wheels- 26'' Halo sas and th forks i have are rock shox argylls i havnt bought them yet but are these a good choice i need a hard frame that will get alot of abuse on a...
  15. U

    Riders in Columbia SC?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone rides Dirt jumps, or any MTB really at USC or around it? I am just looking for people to ride with now that it is warm. thanks.
  16. J

    AFS Dirt Jump Park

    Here are some pictures of the new dirt jump park being built in North Little Rock, Arkansas in Burns Park. Arkansas Freeride Society http://www.arfreeriders.com and IMBA are getting it done. They brought in Ben from NC to help with the building of the jumps, his website is...
  17. bikenweed

    Aptos Jump Jam HD video

    Not true HD, but for the internet, it beats the crap outta youtube. http://vimeo.com/1948879 Enjoy.
  18. S

    Odyssey Plastic pedals

    Whats the go with these pedals iv heard good stuff about them but just wanna no if they have been tried and tested and wat u have to say bout them?
  19. aeffertz

    Yay! New Jumps!

    Just got a pretty sweet double built today. Check it out, yo! Built it into a hillside to help save dirt. It's about 5 feet tall. Looks kinda small in this pic... Here's the landing. It's about a 8 foot gap. Few more doubles will be after it and the last jump will be a hip.