dirt jumper

  1. A

    New dirt jumps Cleveland West side

    Looking for some people to help build trails/ride with. already have some started
  2. D

    For Sale Eastern Black Betty Custom DJ Build

    I built this bike up specifically for park/dirt. I'm looking for something that can take some bigger hits and is designed for trails/dirt jumps. Slopestyle preferred. This bike has been great to me. It's solid, the geometry is PERFECT! Slammed chainstays, steep angle in the head tube. I just...
  3. N

    Rear Tire Won't fit

    Newbe here, I am trying to build a dirt juper out of a Haro Steel Reserve 8 frame that I bought on ebay. I tried to install a 2.2 rear tire but it rubs the frame badly. I checked the tire size that the bike comes with from the factory before buying this tire. I can't imagine the tolerance...
  4. B

    Take a Tahoe Break with Robb Gaffney and Daughter Kate

    With no snow in Tahoe, legendary skier, author, and creator of the Game of GNAR (now a movie!) Dr. Robb Gaffney (seriously, he's not just a doc, but a psychiatrist at that!) takes daughter Kate to SF to take in the Zoo, the beach and on her first ever mountain bike ride at China Camp in Marin...
  5. F

    Specialized Hardrock Pseudo-Dirt Jumper

    i may get this bike... it has 1 disc in the front how easy is it to install a rear one?? and it has been converted to single speed? multi speeds?
  6. ChiliPepper

    **Stolen Specialized P2 from Melbourne/Palm Bay Area**

    OK, this pertains more to central FL, but mainly the Brevard County area on the space coast (east coast). Earlier today a Specialized P2 was stolen from my friends bike rack after running in real quick to get some water from his apartment. Here are the best specs I can give you,,,,, Black...
  7. E

    Anyone got a Commencal Maxmax 24? Could you post a pic of yours & give me some advice

    I've been toying with buying a Commencal Maxmax 24 for street riding mainly but for Dj'ing now n then. I also went for the 24 because I'm only 5' 6" so I'm small & I'm not gonna grow any taller LOL. But after looking at some stores online I noticed that htey classed the 24 as a 'kids bike'...