dirt jumping

  1. ImILL

    Dirt Jumping/Pump Track near Philadelphia, PA???

    Whats Up, I'm new in the area and I am looking for a spot either in or near Philadelphia to go Dirt Jumping, Does anyone know of any spots? I'm willing to drive 30 min away if necessary Thanks
  2. T

    Is this a good dj bike?

    Hey guys, im new to your forums and relatively new to dirt jumping and bmx. I recently moved to bellingham next to the bellingham dirt jump park (look it up, its on youtube) and thought i would give it a shot. THe bike i am currently riding is an older mongoose frame (mid 90's?) with fly bars...
  3. P

    Dirt Jumping in Reno, NV?

    Just moved to Reno, Nevada from Austin Texas. You can imagine my disapointment in going from a DJ mecca town like Austin to Reno where It is mostly downhillers and cross-country riders....and Im not hating on them at all. :thumb: I know the mentality of keeping good spots relatively hidden...
  4. B

    Greg Watts Post Office Jumps Pics and Video

    We posted a few pics and not-so-great video at this link of Greg Watts and a couple of Santa Cruz locals ripping the Aptos Post Office jumps.
  5. PatBranch

    Ham and Steeze Jump Jam in Aptos, Saturday

    Date - October 24th, 2009 Time - 11 - Sun Down Location - Post Office Jumps, Cathedral Drive What you need - A helmet, a bike, and a good attitude http://www.pinkbike.com/news/jump-jam-october-24-aptos-2009.html?trk=rss The facebook event for it...