dirt jumps

  1. A

    New dirt jumps Cleveland West side

    Looking for some people to help build trails/ride with. already have some started
  2. DKNateO

    Looking for places to ride in Kansas and oklahoma.

    Hello, i am new to bmx dirt jumping and i just purchased my bike. Im going to school at pitt state and i'd like to find some dirt jumps or flow tracks. I have no clue where any are located. Can someone help me out with a list or link to list of just dirt jumps and no trails. Thanks.
  3. P

    Untitled Trails BMX Picture Updates

    I've been working on this spot for almost 2 months now. Just by myself for now. These photos will show the progress that happened from the beginning up to now. Here was after the first day of clearing: Looking down the run in slope. Starting first roller/pump into the first pit and...
  4. ImILL

    How to get a town/city to sanction a dirt jump trail or park?

    How do I go about doing this? Theres a MTB XC trail in my town and I want to build a pump track or DJ set without getting in trouble. Kind of like the jumps at 9th street in Austin,TX or like Cunningham park in Queens, Ny
  5. C

    Waynesboro, PA Public Bike Park

    There are currently talks with Washington Township to develop a public bike park in the Pine Hill Recreational Area near Waynesboro, PA. Link to Pine Hill: http://www.washtwp-franklin.org/content/view/105/133/ The plan thus far is to hire Lee McCormack for the design work and then...
  6. Rip

    Alexandria Pump Track and Jump Jam Event.

    Alexandria Pump Track and Jump Jam Event Sunday, October 16, 2011 242 Little York-Mount Pleasant Road, Milford 11:00 AM - 4:00 p.m. All levels welcome to join in on this free-for-all kind of a day. There will be beginner and advanced ride clinics on the jump line hosted by Aaron Graf...
  7. zfraysier

    New Georgia Freeride Course

    Here's a video from yesterday's visit: We take what we can get in the suburbs of ATL. Watch my kayaking videos. Creekboating is kinda like DH or Freeride, but more full-on. Zach
  8. 7

    FLORIDA FREERIDE, What you talkin bout Willis?

    Santos Fat Tire Festival Freeride & Dirt Jump Comp. March 19th, 2011. Santos Vortex Freeride Area. Ocala, FL. FOr more information and online registration, please visit www.714trails.com. Online registration saves $5 and ends March 14th. BY RIDERS FOR RIDERS.
  9. B

    Backyard dirt jumps

    we have lots of wood not a lot of plywood and no direct source of dirt so were were digging a lot does anyone have advice about building dirt jumps?
  10. jutrut

    Help Build Dirt Jumps Today at Ag Center

    Today (Friday 4/24) at the Ag Center (across from the Asheville Airport on 280), we will be building huge dirt jumps! THE BEST DIRT JUMP BUILDERS in the South will be moving dirt around and we need your help. It's also going to be super cool to watch it progress through the day. Come on out...