dirt mcgirk

  1. mtbinva

    OK Admit it, I was missed......

    Or was I? :rolleyes:
  2. DirtyMike

    For those that dont know

    Ive been going through alot of **** this last year and a half. Injuries, debt, trouble at home at work you name it. Well seems as one always gets figured out, something else goes wrong. Problem is that its the always at home that goes wrong. Im done. I give up. Ive tried and tried and...
  3. B

    The 21st Burfday Rite of Passage

    I have been tasked as the master of ceremonies for a friends 21st birthday bar crawl this evening. Bizarre drink suggestions? I'm new to this whole "annihilate someone else's liver" thing. Thus far I've got: -Adios Motherfvcker as the night ender -Blowjobs