1. A

    New dirt jumps Cleveland West side

    Looking for some people to help build trails/ride with. already have some started
  2. G

    X Games Austin ADDED BMX DIRT!!! June 5-8 Circuit of the Americas

    Finally!! BMX Dirt is in the mix! :)Thought you all would want to now! Here's a list of invitees too! http://xgames.espn.go.com/events/2014/austin/invitedathletes/
  3. M

    Volcom Pro's skateing some dirt

    Check those guys skateing some hard dirt! Volcom Stone Age dirt skateing
  4. Dirty Maestro

    Distracted Vid =)

    Finally got a short edit done for the Get Dirty 20?24?26 Clothing Series. I've been so busy diggin, shaping and everything trails...... This season has been a blast!
  5. Dirty Maestro

    Distracted Riding Pics =)

    Here's a few pics from this season....Enjoy =) http://distractedsite.com/
  6. RyyS

    Ride Your Way 2: Bling - full BMX MTB movie

    That was really intensive season for all of us - many trips, sessions, contests. Unfortunately, for so many times, rain, security or injuries appeared in the most important moments. But after all -- we love what we do so we had a lot of fun. We hope you will feel this and have fun too watching...

    New to this Just Brought GT Tempest 2.0 2009 Want to replace forks

    hello just wondering if anybody could help me i have just brought a GT tempest 2009 and was wondering about the forks RST Launch T8 they dont seem best for crosscounty would like some help but not the pricey as im a begginer Thanks
  8. RyyS

    Dartmoor at Burn Dirtpark Opening

    Tomas Zejda, Māris Orniņ? and Piotr Krajewski at Burn Dirtpark Official Opening, the first Polish and one of very few European indoor dirtpark, in Warsaw. There's also Tomas' bikecheck and a bit of Māris' street riding at the stairs behind the dirtpark. How do you like that...
  9. RyyS

    Ride Your Way - full length movie BMX MTB extreme

    Feel free to watch my full length movie - Ride Your Way. It's about Dartmoor Bikes team, riding mtb and bmx bikes. Dirt, freeride, slopestyle, street, skatepark and more. I suggest to watch it full-screen in HD :)
  10. v6 4.3

    Tubless on dirt jump/ urban bikes???

    Hey guys, I wanted to hear your thoughts on this. I have tubeless on my cross country bike and i'st the best. But on a DJ or urban bike I can imagine the tire blowing off on a gnarly wall ride or a sideways landing. Does anyone run tubeless on there Dj bike???
  11. If You Build It

    Building a trick jump... advice please

    I have a 6' tall wood jump lying around, and I want to set it up at my current trails as a trick jump. The terrain at my spot is very flat and open with a slight downhill slope in the direction of the lines (hence, nowhere to really put a step-up). -With the way I built the wood lip, I can...
  12. R

    How long to wait after rain to dirt jump?

    Sup guys, Its been raining a lot these past few days and I was wondering how long I should wait till I ride them?The jumps are dirt(no sand) and the temperature is around 40-50 F in shade. I just want a general idea as I don't feel like spending a few dollars on gas and then finding out that...
  13. R

    Don't know where to post this,but need advice?

    I have some dirt jumps about 8 miles from me,the only person I dirt jump with(also my best friend) and I have mopeds and I said we can just strap the bikes to them and drive there,yet he insists on biking the whole 8 miles on bmx bike because he is afraid of his bike falling off. Do you think it...
  14. R

    What is my bike made for?

    Hey guys,I have a 2001 Schwinn pro-xs. The bike doesn't look like a street bike or racing bike. The frame is a bit longer than most bikes and it has normal width tires. I can't think of hiow exactly to describe so Ill post a pic,as they say,a picture is worth a thousand words.The pics arent of...
  15. J

    Video: Few tricks with Pavel Vishneviy (flip 2 whip etc)

    A new video with Vishneviy. Moscow, march 2011. Few hours of riding at the favourite local spot. Editing and Filming by Anton "Sid" Rider Pavel Alyokhin "Vishneviy" March, 2011 Song name Klashnekoff - No escape

    PA Woods Catty Jump Jam Sept 4th, rain date 5 or 6th

    Come on out NEXT SATURDAY and ride some of the best trails/jump lines in the country. Flowy jumps, groomed berms, swag, grilled food, pay whatever you want to donate to the Catty Trails, located in Catasauqua, just outside allentown (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catasauqua,_Pennsylvania)...
  17. C

    Need Help Chosing Parts For A DJ Bike

    I'm planning on building a DJ bike that is SS with 24" wheels so it needs to be fairly light but also stong. I quite like the look of the yeti DJ 2009 or the DMR transition purple has anyone had any experiences with either of these frames? Also i would like to have some Halo SAS wheels and i...
  18. R

    Need help!!

    Hey guys, I have a 20in. bmx dirt jumper.For some reason when I go off some of the jumps I tilt the bike unintentionally in midair thus making me crash.For example if you where looking straight at me jumping from being then the bike would be like a forward slash in midair like the bike would be...
  19. E

    Looking at buying a new DJ - Opinions?

    Hey, I am looking at some more high range DJ bikes and wondering if anybody has preferences and why. Would prefer Hydraulic brakes and single speed (fox shox also!) I could say my budget is generous.. ;) I was interested in buying a '10 Giant STP SS but they aren't sold in Australia! :mad...
  20. Patan-DH

    A new Hub that many will want!

    This is for the new generation 15mm axle forks No brake mounts, the body is 6061 and the cones-spacer 7075. Soon i will have the pricing. Contact me for any further info that you may need now this is the new 20mm version! for all you 15mm detractors! And this are going to be...