1. D


    Hi people new to the SoCal area for biking. I lived in Idaho for most of my life. I rode on a Scott High Octaine when I used to ride untill I joined the Navy. Then my High Octaine was stolen from my house last year and never found. But I have now built up a new HT and want to start doing some...
  2. J

    Atomlab General Issue Vs Commencal Vs Nothing

    Hi, I’m very new to Dirt Jumping and I’m looking at getting my very first DJ bike. I’ve been looking at the Atomlab General Issue, but have a few questions about it as I have no idea what I’m getting into. 1.Can Atomlab General Issue run 9 speed? 2.Is the BB area threaded? Can I fit an SLX...
  3. thebivy

    Awesome Winter DH Slowmo

    Check out our new web series, The Bivy. This episode features an up-and-coming rider from Bend Oregon, Carson Storch, sessioning some untracked lines in the snow. Enjoy and Subscribe! http://bivy.tv Thanks!
  4. G

    Building the first dirt jump

    I've made this dirt jumps but i'm not sure if it's rideable. Does it looks like too far from each other?