1. KenW449

    Doggos and Mail

    Sometimes, it's not all bad. http://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/whats-hot/this-ups-guy-started-a-facebook-group-for-drivers-to-share-pictures-of-the-adorable-dogs-they-meet-on-their-route/ss-AAtJBWv?ocid=ientp#image=1
  2. Slugman

    New Pup

    Recently moved into a new place, so we went shopping…wife spotted something she liked: We named him Fahrenheit since we got him in the summer in Phoenix. I wonder if they gift wrap? Fist night at home: That would be the cat’s toy… and he ate it about 5 seconds after this picture...
  3. A

    Unchained dogs BIG dogs!

    Yesterday we were on a big hill climb ride. first dog was a black lab. He was tripping out a bit with foam and such. To I threatened to kick him in the face and he backed up. Dog 2 was a HUGE German Shepperd. A little more sketchy for sure. So the owner got him to back up. My last resort is...