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  1. manimal

    Obama: Phillies more important than Downed Officer Memorial

    http://blogs.suntimes.com/sweet/2009/05/president_obama_official_sched_58.html blog excerpts bad PR team or intentional or both? i'm sure renegade rick is excited that the prez feels the need to honor the fallen members of the "police state" at a LOCAL ceremony is outweighed by the...
  2. MMike

    Should I leave early?

    It's friday before a long weekend. It's nice out and my boss has left already. Hmmmmmmm...... (I'll "no-brainers" for $400 Alex)
  3. TN

    Why? (religious iconography)

    Why is Christian iconography so morbid & sad (for the most part...IMO) compared to Buddhist iconography or Hindu? Although Hindu iconography can sometimes be violent it still looks cool & invokes more of a "F YEAH!" than a "damn.". Thoughts?