down hill

  1. Huck Banzai

    For Sale Hadley DH Hub Set - 36h - Excellent Condition

    2011 Hadley DH 110 x 20 R11.0 36h 2011 Hadley SDH XL 150 x 12 R11.0 36h Hubs are in Excellent condition with only minor spoke marks and cassette body marks. New bearings in front hub.
  2. N

    For Sale Medium 2015 Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail

    I am selling my medium 2015 Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail frame set, shock, front fork, headset, stem, bars, and bottom bracket seat and seat post . This bike is designed with a long and low geometry. I'm 6' tall and the medium fits me perfectly. Check out ridegg.com for more info. The megatrail...
  3. B

    Timberline DH

    I had a chance to ride Timberline DH trails last weekend. There's great terrain with plenty of vertical. The trails can be a bit confusing at first but follow the Red, Orange, Yellow, & White tags & you'll be fine. Even better hook up with JR or his son in the bike shop & he'll show you the...
  4. chance199

    PNW Tire reccomendations?

    I need to get some tired for my big hit 3. i CAN NOT decide what tired to get. so i decided to ask the fellow pnw ridemonkeys for ideas. All i really do is Down Hill and Free Ride. Im looking for a tire that can handle every condition we have around here. I was looking for something thats not...
  5. chance199

    NWcup round 1 Crashes;

    Anyone have any videos of the crashes? Because i'd love to see if someone caught mine. haha. I ate coming out of the berm then crossing down over the bridge. SO if anyone has a video of a kid in white pants eating it, Please let me know. haha.
  6. HA$KE

    DH trails in Shippensburg PA?

    New to the area and just started school here. Since the weather finally broke I'm just wondering if there is anyone in the area that knows of any trails or is interested in making some? Email is dhas19@comcast.net
  7. chance199

    Dry Hill?

    Anyone been up there lately? hows it looking? Anyone know of any maps of the trails?
  8. EGGS

    some new dh chain ? ? ?

    i was recently told that theres a dh specif chain on the market with thicker outer plates 9 same size inner plates) so it works on 9 speed cassettes .. any one got a name for it ? link any info . id be int this if i could find it thanks in advance