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  1. T

    Anyone know something about this frame?

    Hey Guys! I have recently came across awesome sick looking dh frame but the duncon brand is completely unknown to me can anyone tell me something about it? Is it worth buying? Thanks in advance, tohodakilla
  2. nenjarickard

    Strong & light rims for DH?

    Getting myself new rims, atleast for the rear which is the one that takes the dmg when i ride... I'm pretty lightweight at 70kg but somehow i manage to destroy the rear rim. I want to keep it decently LW (close to 500g would be sweet) but still firm enough for some DH. The rims i used...
  3. thirty9cents

    Need a shuttle ride to Pipeline?

    Giving shuttle rides to top of Pipeline (Colorado Springs) for $20, save yourself hours of drive time going back up to get the other vehicle. Can fit up to 4 bikes and riders comfortably, maybe 6. and or to Captain Jacks for $5. Email me at 39cents@gmail.com
  4. R

    new shoes

    i need new shoes for freeride/downhill. ne suggestions...
  5. V

    Night Shift

    Hey all, Next Saturday, April 18th, Red Bull will be hosting a downhill event called NIGHT SHIFT at Windrock Park. Riders will be faced with the challenge of racing down the mountain in the dead of night, battling to get the best times Registration begins at 10am. Everyone can ride...
  6. L

    Anyone Selling?

    a medium sized DH bike for the season? Thanks Guys Much Love LW
  7. Eastern States Cup

    Plattekill Bike Park's 2009 Series Race Schedule

    Plattekill Bike Park's 2009 Series Race Schedule Plattekill Bike Park presents the: 2009 Plattekill USAC NYS State Downhill Championship Series AND 2009 Plattekill USAC NYS State Dual Slalom Championship Series May 2-3 Race #1 DH June 13-14 Race #2 DH&DS...
  8. EGGS

    12x135mm frames???

    who makes them ? looking for a light weight pedal friendly 12x135 frame. ive seen a few .. maybe some input on these or others that are out there ive seen so far cannondale moto - dont like carbon but i know they make a aluminum commencial meta 6 - never heard anything new kona coilair...
  9. TryFour

    DH, 4x, DS Racing for 2009?

    We've managed to put together a decent sized group of guys here in the Nashville area who are into gravity riding, and we're trying to find all of the closest races to us. We're up for anything going down hill. We've been able to find info for Carters Lake and some in NC, but I'm guessing...
  10. F

    Turner DHR VS. Ventana El Cuervo

    I am interested to find out what people think of these two bikes VS. eachother and other bikes. I am 5'6" and ride a small VP free which I find to be alittle long, which is the reason I am looking for different frame. Please Help if you can!
  11. L

    intense m3 bearing spacer replacement

    after replacing all the bearing's on my m3 i didn't remember where to put the spacers, i tried every solution:banghead: but nothing... the bike is still apart and i need to Ride...... PLEASE I NEED HELP !!!! thanks
  12. wayodh

    Riding an Epic Trail near Salkantay Mt. in Peru

    Peru is getting known as one of the most extreme destinations for mountain biking around the globe. We have been showing great trails that we have on our Andes Mountains. Long lasting descents with more than 4,000m (13,123ft.) are not easy to find like in Peru! Just a few days ago we...
  13. miuan

    Demo's not for DH?

    Since Demo came out, people seemed to have been divided into two groups. Those who rode Demos and liked them, and those who didn't ride them and regarded these either huck or freeride bikes (e.g. not DH worthy). Let's face it. No one I ever knew was complaining about the ride quality of...
  14. B

    2009 Winter 4x Downhill Mt. Bike Race

    January 25 at 11 A.M. Shawnee Peak- 119 Mountain Rd, Bridgton, ME 04009 Practice runs start at 10:00am. Event starts at 11am. Timed runs from 1:30pm-2:30pm. Awards in Blizzard's Pub at 3pm. $30 Registration fee - and everyone gets a free lift ticket. Register from 8-10:30am . All bikers will...
  15. mtnbmx

    Throw the baby out with the bath water.

    Nationally and locally in 2009 USA Cycling has chosen to eliminate all gated classes for kids 18 and under in DS and 4X disciplines. It’s just amazing that USA Cycling will not provide any more support for the future of gated gravity riders in the USA. :poster_oops: Presently Kelli Lusk...
  16. W

    Down To Earth 3 Trailer

    D2E3: is the new chilean downhill video, show us the 2007 National Ranking Season, Regional Races, Summer Races and the Milo's Cup, finishing with the National Championship at La Parva. More than 100 riders, 35 hours of footage to more than 90 minutes of movie, we see the real national downhill...
  17. C

    gripshift for downhill?

    I know it seems stupid, but out of interest - does anyone (pro or amateur) use grip shifters on their bikes? Other than they guys running gearboxes?
  18. E

    Need some feedback

    what about this video watch it and tell me what you think
  19. E

    Extreme downhill mountain biking.

    Extreme downhill mountain biking Amazing the end is the best :biggrin:
  20. smbisig

    2008 Canadian Open Photos...

    2008 Canadian Open photos can be found HERE. the slopestyle photos are soon to follow once i have a little more time. thanks! steven b~