1. DH biker

    Vietnam (MA) - June 8th, 2009

    Had the day off of work, so I went to Vietnam with my buddy Eric on Monday. We ended up exploring another side of this place that we had never been to before. Here is a link to the NEMBA page: http://www.nemba.org/Articles/VietnamFAQs.html Curious as to the names of some of the drops/sections we...
  2. splat

    A sendoff ride for Mr Berkshire_rider

    Mr Berkshire_rider is tying the Knot , so we decided to have a Ride and BBQ in his Honor , it would start from my place, and lots of fun would be had . Well I had to set up teh Stunt course in my front yard first . and I went out there , and this little fella was hanging around ...