dual crown

  1. fred.r

    For Sale 2015 BOS Idylle RARE FCV 27.5 (almost new)

    This fork has only been used four times, totaling maybe 6-hours of use. The stanchions are completely scratch and blemish free, and the lowers have one small blemish which I've included a photo so you can see how minor it is. Other than that, the fork is as new and works absolutely perfectly...
  2. letsgetit

    Anyone with 2011 Boxxer WC experience?

    Just like the title, looking for some real user feedback on the 2011 Boxxer WC. Wondering if the problems I heard they had for 2010 have been fixed? I.E. reliability, stiction, etc. Looking at them for my rig for 2011. Let me know what ya think.